Cybersecurity Mentorship


Cybersecurity Mentorship

This is an open service that is entirely up to the client. This service will pass along my 20+ years of experience to enable the mentee become the best Information Security professional YOU can be. Each person brings their own unique experience. Like a good martial arts teacher, I cannot mold you into me, I can mold you into the best YOU.

Mentorship expectations:

  • The initial sessions will determine if the mentorship is a fit. I do not charge for this.
  • This is NOT technical training. There is plenty of that out there.
  • If the mentee desires, this can be about APPLYING what you have learned.
  • There needs to be Trust and Transparency. My hope is that this will grow into trust peers and friendship.
  • Pass along the mentorship to someone else, in time.
  • I encourage you to get more than one mentor depending on your need.

What you will get:

  • A network of resources to build your own network
  • Challenges to “think outside the box”to enable you to adapt to any situation
  • Honest Feedback
  • Motivation!
  • Guidance from a “black belt” that has been in many Information Security “fights"


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