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Why don’t you see Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security, etc?  While I can do these things, this is not where you need to start.  These things may be necessary at some point, but not until the fundamentals are implemented well.  To use a martial arts analogy:  When you start martial arts, you learn basic stance, basic punches, and basic kicks.  You don’t start with black belt moves.

The services I provide help you with those basics to set a good foundation to become black belts. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

This service consists of a review of your Information Security program from a holistic point of view.  This includes reviewing: staffing, processes, training, risk and governance management, and technology. 

Cybersecurity Mentorship

This is an open service that is entirely up to the client.  This service will pass along my 20+ years of experience to enable the mentee become the best Information Security professional YOU can be. 

Vulnerability Assessment

This service is NOT the same as a Penetration Test.  I stop short of penetrating your network.   Given time, anyone can penetrate your network.